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Heinemann Senior English Handbook

Andrea Hayes, Jennifer Blackburn / $25.95

Practical, straightforward resources that explain English concepts clearly and effectively. Students’ needs are addressed in no-nonsense language and ready references for English fundament...

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Papua New Guinea High School Dictionary

Ritchie & Brooks / $19.95

Papua New Guinea: Oxford High School Dictionary for Secondary Students is an essential dictionary for secondary students. This dictionary offers an authoritative combination of international Eng...

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My Memories of Life in the Forest

Marlon Madon Kuelinad / $27.45

Marlon Kuelinad is a relatively undiscovered PNG artist with exceptional talent. In this magnificently illustrated book, he describes through his pictures his joy as a young boy living in the fore...

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PNG Concise Dictionary

Mike Smith / $38.45

A dictionary for Papua New Guinean speakers of English, providing hints for pronunciation and aiding the speaker through the peculiarities of English spelling, meanings and phrases. The dictiona...

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